Element Animation Toolkit

A collection of Unity UIElements animation extension methods, new animated elements, and examples.


Note: UIElements Animations are listed as Experimental by Unity - API subject to change. Also, since Element Animation Toolkit is currently underactive development, it is possible for API changes in this library as well

The intent of this package is to help asset developers more easily create their own animation sequences via code.

Though, I have been adding some new “ready to go” UIElement types, such as the “AnimatedFoldout”, which you just use as you would a a typical foldout comes animated with no additional coding, minus some exposed properties to adjust the animation to your liking. I do intend to add more of these as I go along.

This package began simply as a small collection of helpers methods I created across my last few projects to make animating editor elements much easier and finally put into a single place. I continue to add to it as I go along but decided to put together several examples and wanted to share them.

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