Searcher brings the “Search Everything” functionality found in many modern Content Creation Suites and IDE’s such as JetBrains ‘Shift+Shift’ search (PyCharm, Rider, Webstorm, etc), Blender, Maya, and many others, to Houdini.

  • Quickly locate and execute any menu item or hotkeyable action without the need to assign, memorize, or manage hotkeys.

  • View available actions for windows and panes on mouse-over

  • Greatly increase productivity. Spend less time trying to locate nested menu items or remembering hundreds of hotkeys

  • Optimized for responsiveness. Utilizes libraries written in C to maximize speed

  • Search for any available native or 3rd party menu items or actions. Locates available 3rd party menus/actions/hotkeys

  • Fuzzy, abbreviated, partial search via FTS5 engine. Ex. Quickly locate “External Tool Preferences” by typing “ex to pre”

  • Show all available actions for windows/panes/contexts. Mouseover a window and press hotkey to display the available actions/hotkeys

  • Open menu items/trigger actions from the Searcher window. Execute available actions even if they don’t have a hotkey assigned

  • Feature requests welcome and encouraged! If you think Searcher could benefit from an additional feature, let us know!

Compatibility notes

Tested versions

OS Version
Windows: Windows 10 Pro v10.0.19041.264 (v2004)
Linux: Pop_OS! (Ubuntu) 19.04/19.10/20.04
MacOS: Coming soon!

Requires: Houdini 18.0.348 and up

(Can look into supporting older versions if requested. It is unknown at this point if there are any technical limitations.)

Current Version: v0.1.1

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