Installation | Compatability Details

Thanks for checking out Searcher. Below are the instructions to get you up and running.


  1. Extract/unzip ‘Searcher_<version>.zip’. (ex. Inside will be a packages and Searcher folder as well as a and a url link to this page. /
            Searcher_v0.1.0/__ /packages/
                            |_ /Searcher/
                            |__ Searcher_install_instructions.url
  2. Move the Searcher folder somewhere permanent. It can be placed where ever you would like. Make note of the folder path, as it will be needed in a later step. Examples below:

    OS Path (replace <user> with your actual username)
    Windows: C:\Users\<user>\houdini_addons\Searcher
    Linux: /home/<user>/houdini_addons/Searcher
    MacOS: /Users/<user>/Library/h_addons/Searcher
  3. Move the ‘packages’ folder into your Houdini $HOME directory. The locations are seen below:

    OS Path (replace <user> with your actual username)
    Windows: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\houdini18.0\packages\Searcher.json
    Linux: /home/<user>/houdini18.0/packages/Searcher.json
    MacOS: /Users/<user>/Library/Preferences/houdini/18.0/packages/Searcher.json
  4. Within the ‘packages’ folder is the Searcher.json file. Open this file in your editor of choice and edit line #27. Within the second set of quotation marks input the path to the Searcher folder from step #2. On Windows, replace the backslashes (\) in the path with a forwardslashs (/) Ex. If using Windows and following the example listed above, line 27 would look like this:

            "SEARCHERLOCATION": "C:/Users/<user>/houdini_addons/Searcher",
  5. Save the file and start Houdini. On the main shelf toolbar add the Searcher shelf by clicking on the plus(+) button, then the Shelves tab, followed by selecting “Searcher Shelf” seen in the images below:

  6. You should now be able to hit the hotkey below to open the Searcher window:
    Open Searcher Window: Ctrl+`



Houdini Versions Tested
Houdini Version: 18.0.348 and up

Tested versions

OS Versions Tested
⊞ Windows: Windows 10 Pro v10.0.19041.264 (v2004)
🐧 Linux: Pop_OS! (Ubuntu) 19.04/19.10/20.04
🍎 MacOS: Coming soon!

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